Report and File Your Workers Compensation Claim Right Away

At McMahon, Kublick & Smith, we cannot stress enough the importance of reporting a workplace injury to your immediate supervisor or manager as soon as it happens. The next thing you should immediately do is file the appropriate paperwork with the New York State Workers Compensation Board.

We hear from new clients all the time that they did not file a workers compensation claim or report their injury immediately because they were fearful of employer retaliation and their employers discouraging the filing of such claims. People are afraid of losing their jobs or being on the receiving end of some form of employer retaliation if they do file a claim, or in many cases, even going to the doctor and admitting that the injury was workplace related.

Nevertheless, it is important to file your claim immediately because failure to do so allows the insurance company the “wiggle room” they need to ask whether the accident or injury ever really happened in the first place, and therefore deny the claim, rather than paying it in a prompt manner thereby allowing the injured worker to recover medical treatment costs and keep their lives moving forward.  Filing your workers compensation claim late raises a red flag and bring your credibility into question.

We have found that, generally speaking, New York State Workers Compensation Law judges in Central New York are generally reasonable and fair, and understand workers reluctance towards reporting their injuries. But even with that in mind, it is ALWAYS best to file a written accident report immediately, long with an accompanying C-3 Employee Claim report with the New York State Workers Compensation Board as soon after the injury was sustained as possible.

Experienced Syracuse New York Workers Compensation Attorneys

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