It can seem intimidating for many when they think they may have to go to court. For some people, the fear of having to go to court is what keeps them from seeking legal help after they sustain a personal injury from a car accident. They often feel that if they file a claim with a Syracuse personal injury lawyer, their case will end up going into a courtroom. The truth is, the personal injury cases that go to court are a very small percentage. A vast majority of personal injury claims are settled outside of the court.

personal injury court caseSettling Personal Injury Cases

When you file a personal injury claim, it will often go one of three ways. It can get settled, go to court or you can drop the case. When all parties can negotiate an agreeable settlement, then everyone benefits which is why they are preferred. The reasons why these sort of cases are settled are because they can:

  • Resolve the claim quicker
  • Require less cost than going to court
  • Give all parties more control of the outcome in the case
  • Help preserve reputations if the claim is against a company or entity
  • Avoid additional and unnecessary stress
  • Have greater privacy since court proceedings and records are accessible to the public

For these reasons that is why only a small percentage don’t get settled outside of going to court. Often the settlement takes place long before a trial date can even be set. It is for this reason hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer is vital. They will work on your behalf to negotiate a full and fair settlement.

Types of Cases that are More Likely to Settle

Personal injury cases that are more likely to settle are:

  • Demonstrate clear liability of the at-fault party
  • Demonstrate the injured party’s damages clearly
  • Only involve one at-fault party
  • Involve insurance coverage
  • There are credible witnesses
  • The injured party makes a good witness

If a case doesn’t meet one of these criteria then there is a chance your case will go to court or settle later during the court process. Every case is different and to know what sort of case you have you should speak with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.