covid 19 personal injury lawyer syracuse nyProbably the first thing someone who has been injured thinks of after an accident (automobile, workplace, etc.) is “am I alright,” and then they think about seeing a doctor or going to the emergency room. Other things on the agenda might also be about filing an accident claim with their insurance company, and if necessary finding another car to get them to and from work if they were in a car accident and their car was towed away.

At some point, many people will think to get in touch with an experienced Syracuse personal injury attorney to find out if they are possibly entitled to compensation over and above what they might be able to get from their own insurance companies with respect to their auto or health insurance.

But now comes Covid-19.  The coronavirus has literally shut down whole swaths of ordinary activities that we’ve always taken for granted, and as an accident victim, you may rightly be wondering of you can still file an accident injury claim and get a just settlement during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Syracuse personal injury attorneys with over 40 years experience, we’ve seen a lot over the decades, and the answer to your question is a resounding, “Yes!”

Does Covid-19 Shutdown Accident Injury Settlements?

Nationwide, there have been literally hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 cases reported with related deaths approaching the 60,000 mark nationwide as of this writing. An enormous number of these have occurred in New York State. Governor Cuomo has done an amazing job in coordinating New York’s response to this unprecedented pandemic. While there may be some cautious relaxing of the stay at home orders from Albany, many non-essential businesses will remain closed.

Law firms in New York State have responded by their attorneys, paralegals, and staff working remotely and utilizing the latest technology to meet and handle client’s cases, and to meet virtually with existing and new clients. The courts of New York State are open to a minimal extent handling emergency cases and rescheduling others.

best Syracuse NY personal injury accident attorneysIn spite of all this, none of this has stopped personal injury settlements proceeding as normal. Negotiations between your accident injury attorney and the defendant’s lawyers or their insurance company continue despite statewide shutdown orders, since insurance companies have been deemed essential businesses by New York State and are therefore open for business as usual.

Therefore, if the Syracuse personal injury attorneys at McMahon Kublick PC are able to reach an acceptable settlement with the defendant that is agreeable with you, there is nothing standing in the way to you receiving a settlement payment to help you move on with your life. There are, of course, some exceptions that require a court order, mainly those involving minor children.

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If you have been the victim of a personal injury caused as the result of another’s negligence, we stand ready to assist you with obtaining a just settlement, even in the age of Covid-19. The accident injury lawyers at McMahon Kublick Law specialize exclusively in personal injury matters, as well as workers compensation and social security disability practice areas. We invite you to reach out to us for a free virtual consultation from the privacy of your own home or office by calling us at (315) 424-1105 or through our website.