workers comp lawyer syracuse new yorkIt is not uncommon for people to not contact a lawyer early on. This is because the insurance company is taking care of you by paying your benefits, paying your medical costs, and the adjusters act so nice to them that people often feel that everything is going along fine, then before they know it, they send you to an IME (independent medical examination).

The Hazards of an Independent Medical Exam (IME)

An Independent Medical Exam (IME) is often referred to by attorneys as a defense medical examination. What happens in a workers’ compensation case, the insurance company will make the decision that you have had enough treatment and they will send you for an IME. They hire a doctor to perform a one-time examination and often times the doctor will be upfront with you and tell you that they are not here to treat you or give you any recommendations. They are basically there to examine you and provide the insurance company a report on your injuries and whether or not you can go back to work.

It is sad to say, but nine times out of ten they will often report to the insurance company that hires them over and over, that you are either fully recovered or that you can go back to work, or they will contradict what your treating doctors says about your condition. They will use what their doctor says as a basis to file a termination petition to try and cut off completely your right to either wage loss or/and medical benefits. This is done by them filing a suspension or modification petition based on the evidence that says you can earn more money based on your physical capabilities and the jobs that we’ve offered to you or the jobs that are available in the marketplace.

Talk to a Workers Compensation Attorney Before You Do Anything Else

Representation with attorneys at McMahon Kublick, PC  work tirelessly on workers’ compensation cases so you can feel assured that you have someone who has your best interest at hand. They can advise you on the tactics the insurance companies use just so they only pay out the minimal amount. Insurance companies may seem like they are on your side but it is wise to remember that they are in business, first and foremost, to make money.

Proving your claim means presenting evidence, meeting required deadlines, and deftly navigating all the obstacles and pitfalls that have been seeming put in your way to discourage you and make you give up when you’re already suffering with health, medical, and financial issues. The Syracuse workers compensation attorneys at McMahon Kublick PC have been serving clients across Central and Upstate New York for over 40 years, and we know very well how to gather and deliver the information demanded to satisfy your claim. And moreover, we dig in and refuse to give up when the going gets tough.

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