Teen drivers in New York are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers. Many young drivers don’t fully realize the consequences that reckless or distracted driving can create. The confidence level of some inexperienced drivers leads them to believe they are in complete control when behind the wheel, even when doing things that take their eyes off the road or distract them.


Educators, parents, and members of the community need to work together to encourage responsible driving habits from teenagers. One measure parents can enforce is to implement a driving contract with their teens and enforce consequences for violations. This step can have a great impact on forming good driving behaviors from the start. Also, limiting the number of passengers allowed is another way parents can help their teen drivers reduce the risk of having a serious crash.


Car Accidents - Teen Drivers and PassengersBeing the driver

By law, teen drivers have to meet specific requirements before they have the legal right to drive with other passengers in the vehicle. The risk of distractions can have a notable increase when a teenage driver has a passenger.


Of course, passengers are not the only distraction drivers face today. Mobile devices like cell phones are a growing cause of many car accidents that involve teen drivers. They take their eyes off the road to read text messages or to look at things on the phone and they don’t see what is happening in front of them.


It is important for parents to lay ground rules with their teens about what they expect as regards to minimizing distractions from cell phones and passengers. Parents can ask their teens to make sure that any passenger whether in the front seat or rear seat has to wear a seatbelt. Parents can also discuss the importance of asking passengers to be quiet or to calm down if the environment becomes a distraction.


Being the passenger

Teens also need to understand the importance of being responsible passengers. It is recommended that passengers keep their voices and radio low. They can help read directions should the driver need it as a way to help assist.


When teenagers understand the importance of both, driving responsibly and being responsible passengers, they help reduce their risks of crashing. Teenagers injured in an accident can look for legal help from a Syracuse personal injury law firm that understands the laws around vehicle accidents. This may give them some relief for the physical and emotional consequences their actions may have caused.