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The Hazards of Summer Driving

Who doesn’t love taking a drive on a warm summer day. Summer driving does have its challenges that motorists need to be cautious of when driving on highways as well as in neighborhood streets. The potential for serious motor vehicle accidents goes up drastically during these summer months. The clear weather conditions causes many motorists to throw caution to the wind and perform acts that are not the best decisions like speeding, or not paying...

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Motorcycle Safety Tips Not Be Overlooked

Motorcycle Safety

Maybe you’ve bought your first new bike or perhaps you’re a seasoned rider and now you are ready to hit the open road. Before you do, there are a few things you should consider to ensure a safe motorcycle ride. Riders often forget about important safety precautions and if you fall and sustain injuries due to your own fault, it can be a hard fight for you against an insurance company. Protect yourself with these...

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Four Signs of Distracted Driving

When driving around Syracuse or just on the outskirts, regardless of the time of day, the roads can be dangerous. You could be sharing the road with drivers that are drunk, angry, distracted, or some that are just driving recklessly. While it might not be clear what type of drivers are next to you on the road, there are some indicators that can clue you in. If you see a car around you drifting back...

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5 Top Tips to Stay Focused While Driving

For most drivers it has become a common ability to drive; we just hop into our cars and drive. There is a lot more to driving than what meets the eye. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed approximately 3,477 lives last year. Distracted diving continues to be a dangerous activity, especially if the driver fails to pay close attention to their surroundings. Just think about how difficult it is to...

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Tips to Avoid a Truck Accidents

The statistics for crash fatalities that involve big trucks and automobiles are startling. One in ten of all highway deaths are related to big trucks, and the numbers of auto accident injuries that are a result are just as surprising. Those numbers might not be as high when you look at overall car crash deaths, but when trucks are involved in an accident, then almost 70% of fatalities are occupants in a passenger vehicle. There are...

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Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs “Driver and Family Protection Act” Into Law

SUM Auto Insurance

Recently the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed the Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (SUM) bill into law. Some may now it as “Driver and Family Protection Act.” This new legislation helps to protect drivers across New York State involved in automobile accidents with underinsured or uninsured drivers. It will help by requiring insurance companies to inform customers about SUM insurance, and provide a waiver opt-out form for all new policies to inform them that the SUM...

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Drunk Driving & The Holidays: How To Stay Safe

Drunk Driving Holidays

The holidays are upon us and it’s that time of year we enjoy getting together with family and friends, but it’s never a good time of year to get into a car accident. The holidays usually mean more drunk drivers on the road. This of course leads to more car accidents and more people injured in accidents. Personal injury lawyers like those at McMahon, Kublick & Smith, PC, know all to well that many people...

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Discover 5 Things Insurance Companies Hide From You

Insurance Claims - Personal Injury Attorney

If you are dealing with a personal injury claim from a car accident, it is inevitable that you will have to deal with an insurance company that represents an individual or other party responsible for the accident. The insurance world is a complex one, but having some idea of the basic principles can help you receive the most you can from your incident. Insurance companies do everything they can to tell us that they are looking...

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Reduced Visibility Regularly Responsible for Motor Vehicle Crashes

Visibility Car Accident - Syracuse, New York

Over the past ten years, data has been collected that shows that one in every five accidents is weather related. Inclement weather affects your stopping distance, your visibility. In Syracuse the attorneys at McMahon, Kublick & Smith, P.C. have had many car accident cases where proper measures were not taken in bad weather resulting in a accident. When visibility is low as when driving through rain, snow, fog or even in windy conditions it is...

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Medical Expenses After An Accident

Medical Expenses - Auto Accident CNY

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Syracuse Explains Who Pays For Medical Bills After A Car Accident When you are involved in a car accident and suffer injuries. You will acquire medical bills for the immediate medical attention you have. A car accident alone is stressful and if you suffer injuries on top of that and add in dealing with insurance companies and filing a personal injury claim, it can often seem very overwhelming. This is why...

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