Bicycle Accident Injuries Can Be Severe

Unfortunately, car accidents in Syracuse and Central New York happen far too frequently, and over the last couple of years, they have increased. If you look beyond just the increase of vehicles on the road, several other reasons have contributed to these accidents. Bicycle accident injuries that occur in the United States alone cause over 2% of road accident-related deaths.

Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

If we look back to 2006, there were 44,000 bicyclist injuries in the U.S. with 773 that died due to having fatal injuries. These figures illustrate that a bike accident is just a dangerous as any other type of accident on the road. Quite often bike accidents are not taken seriously. We should keep in mind that even a small bruise can easily become a life-threatening wound.

In a severe bike accident, irreparable damage can be sustained by the brain. Head injuries that are sustained when being thrown off the bike during a crash are difficult to cope and control even with today’s medical procedures.

If you look beyond brain damage and head bruises, an injury that is often overlooked and considered negligible is a wrist fracture. Often this type of injury happens when a biker breaks sharply before impact. There are small bones, ligaments, and tendons in the wrist joint and at the moment of the impact, one of the connections be become compromised.

How to Deal with Bicycle Accident Injuries

Wrist injuries can take a long and tedious recovering process. It can take several months to have the wrist be functional again and even many more months before a rider can be on a bike again. In some extreme cases when bones are broken, surgery may need to be performed to make sure the bones are repaired and put back in place correctly and held there.

After the bones are in place some patients may show signs of chronic arthritis and may also require physiotherapy lessons. These lessons are aimed at bringing back flexibility to the arm and wrist which help to restore full movement.

Receiving Compensation for Bicycle Accident Injuries

Most often a bicycle accident injuries are caused by negligence. If you have suffered various injuries after being thrown off your bike on the road because of negligence from another individual that share you share the road with, you deserve to be compensated for damages that you acquired from the accident.

The Syracuse Accident Injury Attorneys at McMahon, Kublick, PC are adept at demanding and negotiating for compensation that is your right. Compensation involves making up for the damage that has been done to your bike, paying for medical bills and covering for lost wages as a result of the fall. The cost of medical treatment, especially surgery can be very expensive, filing for compensation with an experienced attorney is the best way to ensure your expenses are taken care of while you recover.