syracuse slip fall accident injury attorneysOne personal injury type case is called ‘slip and fall.’ It usually occurs when a business owner is negligent in maintaining their property. Slips and falls may occur because of a temporary condition such as a wet floor, or it could be something more permanent such as severe cracks or upheaval in a walkway or sidewalk.

If a tenant or visitor to the business suffers a serious or life-changing injury, the property owner or management company could be held legally responsible for the injuries.

It is the responsibility of the victim’s slip & fall attorney to prove that the property owner or management was negligent or reckless in causing the injuries that resulted in the hospitalization and/or subsequent medical treatment.

There are two questions that are required to be answered in order to prove there was negligence. The first is, what is it that caused you to slip and fall, and the second thing is, did anyone know about the problem before hand.

What do you need to prove in a slip and fall case?

A slip and fall case is based on negligence law. If a property owner or management company wasn’t negligent then there is no liability, therefore you will not be able to proceed with a slip and fall case. In cases that involve slip and fall accidents, the victim must prove that either:

• The owner of the property failed to maintain the property
• The property owner created unsafe conditions which caused the injury
• The property owner knew about the unsafe hazard but did not alert visitors or tenants to this fact

It is also important to note whether the unsafe condition was temporary or permanent. If the condition was temporary, the length of time that the condition existed could make it difficult to prove your case. If the person that was injured is not able to determine what the actual cause of the fall was, that to will make it difficult to prove liability. If you should take a serious fall and you are able to take a picture of what made you fall that will help when trying to build your case and may prove liability.

After a fall, many people are embarrassed or blame themselves for being clumsy so they are often hesitant to file a claim. If you have suffered severe injuries in a slip and fall accident at a home or business as a result of the negligence of another, you may be able to file a lawsuit to see fair compensation for the harm that was caused to you. Slip and fall lawsuits help those victims that are seriously injured recover the cost involved to pay for medical bills, lost wages and for the pain, disfigurement, emotional distress and/or permanent physical disability suffered because of negligence.

An Experienced Syracuse Slip & Fall Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Slip & Fall accidents can happen anywhere: in a grocery store, on an apartment complex sidewalk, in an office building. Slip & Fall accidents happen when you least expect them. And being involved in a slip and fall accident can change a person’s life forever. The Syracuse personal injury and accident attorneys at McMahon, Kublick & Smith have the knowledge and experience to take control of the situation. Call us today for a free case evaluation.