Your Personal Injury Settlement Conference

Syracuse personal injury settlement conferenceIf you have a case that is going to court soon, it is more than likely that you will have to go through a personal injury settlement conference. In fact, most of the time courts will order both parties to meet and make some effort to settle a case in a settlement conference before they come to a trial.

Most of the cases that go through a litigation process will settle, statistically, at the personal injury settlement conference. What this means is that this process is a pretty important day in your case. When you get there, you will most likely to be greeted by a receptionist. You will inform the receptionist who you are, and they’re going to take you into a conference room where you can expect to spend the next several hours.

In these meeting you probably will not have any contact with the insurance company, the attorney that is hired by the insurance company nor with the person who maybe caused you injury to you. There are times that you will see them but sometime they don’t come. Normally the only communication you will have will be through a neutral party called a mediator. A mediator is a person who is hired basically by your attorney and the other attorney, and is paid equally to try and facilitate settlements.

Your personal injury lawyer will need to spend some time with you before the settlement conference to discuss with you what some of the expectations you should have about your case. Your lawyer will have already told the neutral mediator about your case.

Initial Personal Injury Settlement Offers

In most cases there has already been an offer extended that is your initial offer. This normally is usually a high number. It’s higher than your lawyer should expect you to ever get. This is done because the insurance company will do the opposite and come in really low.

Our Syracuse personal injury lawyers are rarely ever disappointed with the outcome of a long personal injury settlement conference even when it doesn’t settle the case. Either way you are going to end up settling the case because of the settlement conference. An added advantage is that through the process of exchange and discussion, with the mediator going back and forth from room to room and talking to you and your personal injury attorney about the various issues and strengths and weaknesses of the various cases, we will almost always have a great idea of where all the “800 pound gorillas” are (or are not) in the defendant’s case.

Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers

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