Most injuries that happen in the workplace happen most often when someone else is around. They can be a witness to the incident and provide supporting documentation. But, what do you do when you are injured and there isn’t anyone around to help back up your claim?

It is unfortunate, but many work injury claims that have not been witnessed by another are often denied, at least a first. There are three steps you can take after an accident at the workplace to better document your injuries and increase your chance that you will get workers’ compensation for your injury.

Report the Injury

You need to report any injury you receive as soon as possible to your employer and to a doctor. This is very important because doing so will help you validate your workplace injury claim. It can show that you are being honest about the situation from the start.

Be Detailed

When you do report your accident, you want to give as much detail as possible. Describe your surrounding at the time of the accident. You will want to include as much detail as possible which should always include the time and place the incident occurred. Give a step-by-step account of the accident and how it occurred. You want to be honest when giving these details, but you don’t want to admit fault.

Be Honest With Your Doctor

When you see your doctor, discuss your injury thoroughly and fully explain all the symptoms you are experiencing. You don’t want to mislead your doctor or exaggerate your injuries. The information you give your doctor will be put into your record and this will be valuable information should insurance try to deny your claim for compensation.

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