Maybe you’ve bought your first new bike or perhaps you’re a seasoned rider and now you are ready to hit the open road. Before you do, there are a few things you should consider to ensure a safe motorcycle experience. Motorcycle operators can easily forget about important safety precautions and if you fall and sustain injuries due to your own fault, it can be a hard fight for you when filing an injury claim with your insurance company. Protect yourself with these riding tips that every rider should know.

Keep Your Eyes on High Alert

There is no substitute to keeping your eyes on the road. Avoid looking behind you for extended period of time. It’s the same as when you are driving a car, only it is much more important when you’re on a motorcycle. You don’t have the same protections that you would have in a car. This is why you should keep your eyes on the roadway and scan ahead of you for possible issues. Taking a glance in your side mirrors is fine, but long looks can become dangerous. Bikers have a simple rule: you will travel where your eyes are looking.

Importance of Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course

This investment can really pay off. Anyone can learn how to ride a motorcycle. What is important is how educated you want to become. Every state offers a course in motorcycle safety in an effort to teach proper habits.

Adopting the Buddy System

If you want to go out riding, find a friend or colleague who owns a bike and go out and ride together. There is safety in numbers which can help with your visibility to drivers sharing the road with you. If you are a new rider, your experienced friend can also be a mentor and explain some of the mistake they made as a beginner to help you prevent making the same mistakes.

Wear the Proper Gear

When riding, remember more is better, so always gear up. You want a good helmet that fits properly to reduce the possibility of a head injury if you are involved in a traffic collision or sudden fall. Protect your skin by wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs. Many motorcycle shops have jackets that are made especially for protection. Remember your skin is no match for asphalt, gravel, or cement.

Watch Your Surroundings

When riding through construction zones, watch especially for fallen debris. A car or truck has a thick sheet of metal and a strong frame but a motorcycle rider only has a helmet and their clothing for protection. Therefore, keeping alert and looking around in front of you is important to reduce your chance of an unexpected crash.

Learn How to Drive Defensively

When riding, you want to always protect yourself. Motorcyclists can’t count on the fact that other motor vehicle operators with which they are sharing the road can always see them. Stay ready to react in the event sudden unexpected dangerous situations. A driver may stop suddenly, or quickly pull into your lane and if they don’t see you, the results could be catastrophic.

Proper Motorcycle Maintenance

If you want to enjoy a safe ride, make sure your bike is well maintained and in good condition. Washing your bike regularly will help prevent gunk and soot from getting into moving parts. Check your oil and keep an eye on your tire pressure. Most importantly, be sure the brakes are in really good working order.