When a motorcyclist take to the road they are at more risk for bodily injury, resulting in serious or fatal motorcycle accident injuries. Motorcycles don’t offer any protection like you would have in a vehicle like steel frame surrounding you. All they have is their helmet which really gives them very little protection. Of all the accidents that can occur between a motorcycle and another vehicle, having one where a rider gets rear-ended can be the worst.

When another vehicle comes from behind, a motorcyclist is not able to brace for impact or even try to move out of the way. A motorcyclist can have much greater injuries because they can be thrown off their bike, and even into the path of other vehicles on the road. There are three injuries that are the most common in the Syracuse rear end motorcycle accidents.

Broken Bones

Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries suffered are broken bones in any auto accident and that includes motorcycles. It could be crushing force of collapsing steel, the pavement or the surrounding around them, if a motorcyclist get rear-ended it is more than likely they will suffer at least a few broken bones.


In a motorcycle accident there are incredible forces at work. It is those forces that can cause steel and other vehicle parts to amputate the limbs or extremities of the motorcyclist. These same forces can also cause body parts to become severely crushed during the crash, which can later only be treated by removing the appendage altogether.

Motorcycle accident injuries Syracuse NYSevere Brain Injuries

A motorcycle helmet can provide some protection to a cyclist if they are rear-ended, but often not enough. Even if the motorcyclist isn’t thrown from their bike, it is likely that the bike may likely fall over taking the rider down with it. That fall can cause a person’s head to make impact with the ground, which can cause severe concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes these life-long motorcycle accident injuries can impact the quality of the rider’s life.

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