contributory negligence accident injury new yorkThere is no question that motor vehicle accidents can happen anywhere. In Syracuse and the Central New York area with all the highways, this is no exception. Car accidents can have a traumatizing effect on those that are involved and the legal concerns are probably the farthest from your mind just after a serious car crash.

Like a lot of big businesses, Insurance companies are looking to line their own pockets. When there is a car accident they work to settle a case quickly and for the least amount possible. At McMahon Kublick, PC, our  Syracuse personal injury lawyers can help you by negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies as well as assist you in obtaining a favorable settlement.

If the insurance company refuses to settle then we have no problem litigating your case and taking it to trial. We have listed below some simple steps that you can take that will help maximize the value of your case, resulting in the amount of your settlement, arbitration award, or jury verdict.

Document How Your Injuries Have Affected You

It is usually easy to show/prove lost income and medical expenses. It can often be difficult to establish the non-economic damages that victims sustain in an accident. It is so important that victims keep detailed notes about the way in which their injuries affect them. Make a note of the pain you experience, the activities you can participate in because of your injuries, not any sleeping problems, and if you have feelings of depression or anxiety.

Seek Legal Representation

An experienced Syracuse personal injury lawyer will be able to do the following:

  • Recommend further treatment options
  • Obtain all medical records and bills from hospitals, treating physicians, and physical therapy facilities
  • Obtain information from insurance companies about their available policy limits
  • Submit a settlement demand to the insurance company
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters to obtain a fair settlement of the case
  • File a lawsuit and litigate the case in the court system, if necessary
  • Take the case to trial or explore alternative dispute resolution options

You should keep in mind that establishing the value of a car accident case isn’t easy and it required determining how the injuries you sustained will affect you in the months and years ahead. With the assistance of an attorney, they are there to help ensure that all of your injuries are adequately compensated and that you receive the settlement you deserve.

Contact a Syracuse Personal Injury Attorney to Discuss Your Case

Personal injuries sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence can be very serious. They can affect every aspect of a person’s quality of life. An experienced Syracuse personal injury lawyer will have the necessary legal knowledge and expertise to negotiate with insurance adjusters and help you to obtain a fair resolution to your case.

To schedule a free consultation with one of the experienced Syracuse personal injury attorneys at McMahon Kublick, PC, call us today at (315) 424-1105 or contact us online.