Seasonal Driving Tips in Upstate New York

Now that autumn is upon us, there are no more 90 degree days with trips to the beach. Instead, we have moved into cooler weather with trips with the kids or grandchildren to the local pumpkin patch. The crisp air in the morning and the beautiful sights of red, orange and yellow foliage abound. The transition from summer to autumn has all types of changes and that include unexpected changes to road conditions, resulting in car accidents, fatalities, and serious injuries.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five fall driving tips to help keep you safe and free from car accidents and injuries on the highways and byways of Upstate New York between now and the time snow flies.

Tip #1
The colorful fall leaves are pretty to look at, but when the leaves cover the road, they can be dangerous, especially when they are wet. Wet leaves can be especially similar to driving on ice. They also obstruct the traffic lines, potholes or paving markings. So slow down and use caution when leaves cover the road.

Tip #2
Who doesn’t have a memory as a kid jumping into a big pile of leaves that was raked up in the yard? When those leaves are placed at the curbside, be aware that children may be playing around those leaves so be especially cautious, watchful, and vigilant for children suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Tip #3
The days are becoming shorter and that means the sun rises later and sets earlier. When driving, turn your headlights on and be more mindful to watch for pedestrians walking or even biking on the side road at dawn, dusk or nighttime. This can be especially hazardous if they are wearing dark clothing.

Tip #4
The nights are turning cooler and that can bring morning frost. It is best to keep a snow broom / ice remover in your car so you can clear your windows before driving. It is a good idea to check your wipers and your defrosters to make sure they are working properly. You should always drive with caution as roadways, bridges and overpasses can have frost. And make sure you have clear 360-degree visibility through all your car windows.

Tip #5
Deer accidents are also more common this time of year because it is mating season. If you see a deer, proceed with caution as they often travel in groups. Deer are most active at dawn and dusk. How many deer have been hit, cars totaled, and drivers and passengers sent to the hospital on the highways and interstates of Central New York this year? Does anybody know?

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