Let us think hypothetically for a moment. If you were driving down the highway at a normal speed with both of your hands on the wheel and you are giving your full attention to the road. Then suddenly, another vehicle maneuvers out in front of you. You didn’t have the opportunity to make any sort of maneuver to evade, and you end up slamming into the back of their vehicle.

Failure to Yield car accident attorney Syracuse NYThis would certainly be a stressful and frustrating experience to have. What makes it worse is the fact you hit their vehicle from behind and you immediately worry if you will be blamed for the accident. All too often, Failure to Yield car accidents are a common occurrence in Syracuse and Central New York.

A failure to yield accident can be complex and not something you want to go through alone. In order to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve, you should contact a law firm with deep experience and knowledge of motor vehicle accident and personal injury law for immediate legal assistance.

Failure to Yield Car Accidents Can Occur in Many Ways

If you legally had the right-of-way, but another driver denied your vehicle safe passage which resulted in a collision, then you are a victim of a failure to yield motor vehicle accident. The right-of-way is an important legal concept. The New York DMV Drivers Handbook provides extensive explanations as to how the right-of-way should work in many different specific scenarios. A few common examples of Failure to Yield car accidents where drivers fail to follow the proper right-of-way procedures may include:

  • A driver making a left turn before the intersection was free of traffic;
  • A driver merging directly in front of another car on the highway;
  • A vehicle running through a stop sign or a traffic light; and
  • A driver making a right turn while a bicyclist or pedestrian was in the crosswalk.

Proving Negligence in a Failure to Yield Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are looking to hold another driver liable for any injuries you suffered in a Failure to Yield car accidents, you need to prove that they were negligent. In New York State, failure to properly yield can be considered a form of negligence. Many victims of failure to yield accidents stress that they might get unfairly blamed for the collision. This is a legitimate concern, because in these cases the other driver / vehicle will generally be encroaching on your lane causing your vehicle to technically be hitting their vehicle. This does not necessarily make the accident your fault.

If you are involved in a Failure to Yield car accident, it is of the utmost importance that you speak to an experienced Syracuse auto accident attorney as soon as possible in this type of situation, both in terms of protecting your rights, and making sure you received the compensation to which you are due.

The experienced Syracuse car accident lawyers at McMahon, Kublick & Smith know how to help you gather the accident evidence to help you win your claim. Key evidence can come in lots of different forms. As an example, analysis of expert accident scene recreation can prove to be valuable when it comes to proving just how an accident occurred. Any witness testimony may also be able to help support your claim.

Were You Involved in a Car or Motor Vehicle Accident?

It is your right to full and fair compensation for any damages caused by another driver’s negligence. The experienced Syracuse car accident lawyers at McMahon, Kublick & Smith law office are ready to help. If you have been involved in a failure to yield accident in the Syracuse and Central New York area, please do not hesitate to contact our office today at (315) 424-1105 to set up a free review of your case.