The holidays are upon us and it’s that time of year when we enjoy getting together with family and friends. But it’s never a good time of year to get into a car accident. The holidays invariably mean more drunk drivers on the road. This of course leads to more car accidents and more people injured in accidents. Our personal injury and car accident team knows all to well that many people don’t take motor vehicle safety as serious as they should. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season, it’s important to be aware of this problem and take appropriate defensive action.

The Holidays & Dangerous Driving

You should remember that drunk driving at this time of year isn’t the only risk and danger on the roadways. In many parts of New York, there will inevitably be heavy snowfall and ice accumulation. People may also become more distracted or drowsy while driving, due to the holidays, work-related stress, and shorter days. If you add alcohol or drugs to the mix, you have a recipe for disaster.

Tips For Holiday Road Safety

The three most common causes of car accidents during the holidays are: drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding. There are some things you can do to help keep yourself safe during this holiday season:

  • Keep Alert: Driving while feeling sleepy is as dangerous driving drunk. If you aren’t feeling awake enough to drive, ask someone else to drive for you or take a taxi or Uber.
  • Spend the Night: If you are at a family member’s home celebrating and have a bit too much to drink, spend the night at their house. The extra family time might not be so bad.
  • Watch Your Loved Ones: It’s a good idea to also watch out for friends and family. Make sure they are okay to get behind the wheel of a car before they do so.
  • Have A Designated Driver: Talk to your partner or friends beforehand, and decide who is willing to be the designated driver for the night.
  • Check the Weather Forecast: If driving conditions could become unsafe, it might be best if you stayed home and get together another day. By doing this you are making sure to stay off roadways that can be treacherous especially if you have a drink or two.

The above measures, as well as exercising extra caution can help you protect yourself and others from the dangers associated with holiday driving. The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and laughter that builds great memories. Let’s keep everyone safe and make sure those memories are wonderful and not tragic.

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