syracuse car accident injury attorney nyThere will be new reports coming out that shares the sobering effects of distracted driving and car accidents. This is especially true when smartphones and other similar devices are the culprits. A study done at The Ohio State University in Columbus found that distracted driving raises the chance that an accident will end in severe injury or death when compared to other crashes caused the other means.

Phillip Renaud, an executive of the danger institute says, “We can’t seem to place smartphones down for a moment. We’re tempted to select it up, check out it, because immediacy, the immediacy of response, the immediacy of data is so vital .”

In a recent study shows that 92 percent of drivers do use their cell phones to some degree while driving. This is according to AutoConnected Car News. What we can take from this is that our roads and highways are increasingly becoming more dangerous.

Greater Risk of Car Accidents

The OSU Risk Institute has found that in-vehicle distractions account for nearly half of automobile crashes. These distractions go beyond just cell phone use. They also found that drivers between the age of 20 and 24 years of age account for a large percentage of those vehicle accidents because of distracted driving.

It was just a few years ago that Allstate Insurance found that two-thirds of drivers who rate themselves excellent, still admit to texting, speeding or engaging in other unsafe distracting behaviors.

“As [our phone is] sitting in our car, we always have the tendency to pick it up and say to ourselves, it’ll only take a second. I can just look at this for a second or two and everything is okay…not true,” says Renaud, the OSU Risk Institute’s executive director. The disastrous consequences from these actions seem to be injuring and killing more victims than any of us may have previously thought.

If there is one thing you can take from the article is that distracted driving is a big problem on our roads today. If you or a family member has been injured in a distracted driving accident in Syracuse or Central New York, you can count on the experienced Syracuse personal injury lawyers at McMahon & Kublick, PC in Syracuse, New York to be on your side and fight for your right for full compensation.