In most all cases, car accidents in which there is the involvement of commercial trucks are a major catastrophe simply because of the weight and sheer size of the trucks involved. Property damage is much more severe with major and serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved.

If you are the victim of a car accident involving a commercial truck and you have been injured, in order to collect damages to which you are entitled, you need a Syracuse car accident attorney who specializes in accidents involving commercial trucks. The attorney’s focus on your behalf will be proving the negligence of another which caused the accident and led to your injuries.

To prove that negligence, your accident injury lawyer must demonstrate that the other person – generally the defendant driver or their employer – failed to exercise the reasonable amount of care and due diligence to avoid causing the injury. Then it must be proven that the defendant did not exercise that degree of reasonable care. This may take several forms, but one simple example is that the defendant driver was speeding or ran a stoplight.

And finally, it is necessary to show that the defendant failed to exercise such care and that failure is what caused the injury to be sustained. So in our example, a driver who runs a stoplight hits another vehicle and causes injuries as a result of that collision, demonstrates a direct causal relationship to the injury.

If a truck driver is not self-employed but rather works for a company that is responsible for his truck, that company may be held responsible for the accident if it can be proven that the behavior of that company may have contributed to the accident.

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