Child Safety Seat Placement

syracuse car accident lawyersYou want to protect your child the best you can if there is an accident so you get the safest car and the safest child seat. Is there anything a Syracuse personal injury lawyer could advise you about that could help better the odds of your child surviving a serious auto accident?

Everyone knows that you should not place a child safety seat in the front seat, but not many parents give much thought about seat placement in the back seat of a car. Usually placement is behind the driver or passenger seat for convenience of placing the child in the seat. In a serious accident it is not uncommon for the head and arms of a driver or passenger who are properly seat-belted in the front seat, to make contact with a child in a car seat the back seat. The jarring can happen so quickly and be so sever that the driver or passenger are not even aware that contact had happen.

If a child’s car seat is placed near a window in the back seat and the automobile is struck in a manner causing extreme lateral force. The side airbags will collide into the small child and could cause serious personal injury.

So where should a child be place to give them the best chance to survive and minimize personal injury in an accident? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that the child safety seat be anchored in the middle of the back seat to decrease as much as possible any injury to a child in the event of an accident.

Buckling a child in the middle of the backseat might be a little less convenient each time you have to take the child in or out of the car, but it is a minor inconvenience and a small price to pay to give a child the best chance of surviving a serious car accident. In any accident there is always risk of serious personal injury but following these guidelines may give a child a much better chance of not being seriously injured in a car accident.

An Experienced Syracuse Car Accident Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Even for the most careful drivers and their child passengers, car accidents still happen. And being involved in an car accident can change a person’s life and the lives of their passengers forever. The Syracuse car accident lawyers at McMahon, Kublick PC have the knowledge and experience to take control of the situation. Contact our Syracuse personal injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation.