9 09, 2019

Slip & Fall Accidents – Who has the Blame

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Slip & Fall Accidents - Premises Liability in New York State In New York State, slip and fall accidents are a common type of accident injury associated with premises liability. Slip and fall injuries can range from just minor bruising and abrasions to very serious head injuries and even death. When a slip and fall accident happens in a public place or on someone else’s property, it is up to the injured victim to prove

3 06, 2017

Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

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One personal injury type case is called ‘slip and fall.’ It usually occurs when a business owner is negligent in maintaining their property. Slips and falls may occur because of a temporary condition such as a wet floor, or it could be something more permanent such as severe cracks or upheaval in a walkway or sidewalk. If a tenant or visitor to the business suffers a serious or life-changing injury, the property owner or management