8 05, 2019

Motorcycle Accidents: Watch Out for the Other Guy

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Tips for Motorcycle Safety on the Road As we get into the summer months it is the perfect time to jump on your bike but whether you are a seasoned rider or just a rookie, there are important safety precautions you need to take if you don't want to end up seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Wear a Motorcycle Helmet The one piece of equipment every rider needs even on short trips is a

6 02, 2019

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

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After a motor vehicle accident, you will probably be concentrating on healing from your injuries. The negligent driver’s insurance company will reach out to you at some point to take your statement and discuss the details of the accident and often at some point offer you a settlement check. Before that happens, you should speak to a personal injury attorney like McMahon Kublick, PC in Syracuse, New York. What to do About a Settlement Offer

15 11, 2018

Tips for Driving Safely This Winter

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Winter has definitely arrived in Syracuse and Central New York, with snow and ice having already begun. Driving in bad weather is always a challenge when there is snow and ice on the roadways. All to often drivers forget to use extra caution and sometimes drivers are not prepared or accustomed to these types of road conditions. Weather related crashes can be particularly stressful around the holiday season. If you look back at 2012, bad

4 10, 2018

Some Common Factors in an Auto Accident Case

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An auto accident can be a difficult situation to go through. In an instant, your world can be turned upside down. Most individuals don’t know what to do when they are involved in an automobile accident, nor what to look for. Here is a list of a few common factors that are very important when dealing with an auto accident. Who is at Fault? This is one of the most important factors in an accident

6 09, 2018

When An Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Caused Your Accident

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It can be very difficult to cope with injuries or the death of a family member as a result of a car accident. Coping with the situation only gets worse when you discover the negligence of the individual that caused the crash doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your losses. This is a difficult situation but there is some good news, as your own car insurance will cover your expenses and other losses. Your Insurer

17 08, 2018

Rear End Truck Accidents: What You Need to Know

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Rear End Truck Accidents: What You Need to Know When a rear-end collision happens it usually causes damage to vehicles and it can endanger the passengers inside of them. The damage and chance for serious injuries are even more likely to skyrocket when the rear-ending vehicle is a large truck that can weigh several tons. When a person is the victim of an accident caused by a rear-ending large truck, the medical costs, vehicle repair,

19 06, 2018

The Hazards of Summer Driving

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Who doesn’t love taking a drive on a beautiful summer day. But summer driving does have its challenges that motorists need to be cautious about when driving on highways as well as in neighborhood streets. The potential for serious motor vehicle accidents goes up drastically during these summer months. Beautiful, sunny weather conditions cause too many motorists to throw caution to the wind and make careless driving decisions such as speeding, or not paying close

5 04, 2018

Four Signs of Distracted Driving

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Let's face it. The highways, roads and streets of Syracuse and Central New York can be dangerous places, regardless of the time of day. You could be sharing the road with drivers that are drunk, angry, distracted, or otherwise "under the influence." While it might not be clear what type of driver is in the lane next to you, there are some indicators that can clue you in. The bottom line is that "forewarned is

13 02, 2018

5 Top Tips to Stay Focused While Driving

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When it comes to driving our car, it's not something we usually think a lot about. We just hop into our cars and drive. It's second nature. But there is a lot more to driving than meets the eye. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed over 3,477 lives last year. Distracted diving continues to be an extremely dangerous activity. And of course distracted driving means that the driver is

31 01, 2018

Steps to Avoiding Truck Accidents

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The statistics for crash fatalities that involve big trucks and automobiles are startling. One in ten of all highway deaths are related to big trucks, and the numbers of auto accident injuries that are a result are just as surprising. Those numbers might not be as high when you look at overall car crash deaths, but when trucks are involved in an accident, then almost 70% of fatalities are occupants in a passenger vehicle. There