30 08, 2021

Teen Drivers and Their Passengers

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Teen drivers in New York are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers. Many young drivers don’t fully realize the consequences that reckless or distracted driving can create. The confidence level of some inexperienced drivers leads them to believe they are in complete control when behind the wheel, even when doing things that take their eyes off the road or distract them.   Educators, parents, and

10 05, 2021

Truck Accidents, Texting, Distracted Driving, and You

2021-05-10T12:11:46-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers, Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers|

Truck Drivers Are 23 Times More Likely to Cause an Accident if Texting & Driving We have all heard that distracted driving can play a significant role in fatal accidents. Truck drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident by  texting and driving. Distracted Driving Truck Crashes According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial trucking accidents are often the cause of truck drivers that become distracted when behind the wheel.

21 04, 2021

I Was Injured When the Other Driver Failed to Yield

2021-04-21T13:28:51-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

What happens if I was injured in a car accident because the driver of the other vehicle failed to yield right of way? Motor vehicle accidents in Syracuse and Central New York can result from any number of causes. Often, car accidents and accidents involving other types of motor vehicles happen when another driver doesn't follow the traffic safety laws in effect at the time and place of the accident. When someone driving a motor

6 04, 2021

Car Accident Statute of Limitations in New York

2021-04-06T15:20:10-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

What Does Statute of Limitations Mean? In a nutshell, a statute of limitations is defined as a period of time which is allowed for a person to bring legal action against another person. Here is an explanation of  Statute of Limitations on Wikipedia. Car Accidents in New York: What is the Statue of Limitations? For most car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents (such as truck accidents), the New York statute of limitations is three

16 02, 2021

DWI & Child Endangerment in New York

2021-03-25T13:53:39-04:00DWI, Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers, Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers|

New York doesn’t take driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs lightly. It is a serious offense and accidents related to DWI often result in serious injury and deaths. When an driver is impaired and has a child in the vehicle with them at the time they are stopped by law enforcement, or when a car accident occurs, the state looks at this as child endangerment. If you are someone facing charges of driving

19 01, 2021

Does Distracted Driving Cause More Serious Crashes?

2021-01-05T13:49:14-05:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers, Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers|

There will be new reports coming out that shares the sobering effects of distracted driving and car accidents. This is especially true when smartphones and other similar devices are the culprits. A study done at The Ohio State University in Columbus found that distracted driving raises the chance that an accident will end in severe injury or death when compared to other crashes caused the other means. Phillip Renaud, an executive of the danger institute

12 01, 2021

Rear-End Collision Accident Liability

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The most common type of accident according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are rear-end collisions. They make up over 30% of all car accidents. For many, this may not come as a surprise with the growing number of smart devices and GPS units in our vehicles. There is little doubt that these devices have created distracted drivers and the root cause of many rear-end collisions. There is some good news. When it

8 01, 2021

What Qualifies As Pain and Suffering?

2021-01-05T13:35:07-05:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

There is a phrase that has become commonplace to hear especially when the discussion is about a victim of personal injury negligence. Pain and suffering is the term used to determine financial compensation but you may be wondering what qualifies as pain & suffering in the legal sense. No two cases are alike when it comes to victims of negligence and the health outcomes of pain and suffering can be different. Generally, what defines this

5 01, 2021

Catastrophic Injuries & Their Impact In Vehicle Accidents

2021-01-05T13:26:31-05:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

One of the most traumatic events a person can go through is a automobile accident. You can be left physically and emotionally scarred for life. Even if you are not seriously injured, just the stress resulting from an accident can affect a person for years after. Victims of catastrophic accidents suffer from costly long-term medical treatments and sadly some die during treatments. The last thing on the mind of these victims or the surviving family

18 11, 2020

What Happens If I’m Involved in an Out of State Car Crash?

2020-11-18T14:09:00-05:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

Car crashes are traumatic enough when they happen near home, but what do you do if you are involved in an out-of-state car accident and are injured? Who do you talk to? Who should you not talk to? Car accidents are bad enough when they happen in the city or county where you live. But what happens if you travel out of state (or to Canada) and get into a car crash? How do you