10 09, 2023

What is a Serious Injury in a Car Accident?

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Top Rated Syracuse “Serious Injury" Lawyers Fighting for People Injured in Car, SUV and Truck Accidents in New York Car accidents can result in various types of injuries, and in the state of New York, not all injuries may qualify as "serious" under New York's no-fault law. To pursue a personal injury claim and seek compensation, it is necessary to meet the criteria of a "serious physical injury" caused directly by the accident, as determined

8 07, 2023

Bald Tires: Dangers and Liability in Car Accidents

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Bald tires and automobile accident liability. Tire maintenance is a crucial aspect of safe driving, not only in Syracuse and Central New York, but whenever you get behind the wheel of your passenger car or truck. Your tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road and are designed to provide proper traction for a smooth, secure and safe drive. However, over time, the tread on your tires wears down, and

10 01, 2022

Not Wearing a Seatbelt | Personal Injury Accident Claims

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How New York's Seatbelt Law Affects Your Personal Injury Claim The simplest way to ensure your safety when in a motor vehicle is by wearing a seatbelt. No matter if you are running a few errands close by or traveling out of town, car accidents can and do happen when you least expect it. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most fatal accidents happen at speeds less than 40 mph and

26 10, 2021

Worn Tires: Car Accident Liability

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Have you ever thought about how important the tires on your car actually are? When you stop to think about it, they are the only thing on your car that actually touches the road. And if it is raining or snowing, or there is black ice on the road or any number of other hazards, bald or low tread tires are definitely something you don't want on your car.  Nor do you want tires that

5 10, 2021

Five Insurance Company Tricks to Watch Out For

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Beware These 5 Tricks Insurance Companies Play If you have ever been in a fender bender accident, probably one of the first things you did was call your insurance company. This is fine when dealing with a fender bender but when there are serious injuries you need to realize that you should not trust the insurance companies. So consider these five insurance company tricks and remember them if you are ever in a serious accident

27 09, 2021

Personal Injury Car Accidents: Asleep at the Wheel

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CAR ACCIDENTS AND PERSONAL INJURY: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. One of the most dangerous aspects of driving on any road in Syracuse and Central New York, whether it is Erie Boulevard or I-81 is sleep-deprived or overtired drivers. This applies not only to passenger cars, but also tractor trailers and buses.  How many stories have we seen in the news recently about accidents closing down portions of Interstate 81 or even Onondaga Lake Parkway? Being

30 08, 2021

Teen Drivers and Their Passengers

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Teen drivers in New York are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers. Many young drivers don’t fully realize the consequences that reckless or distracted driving can create. The confidence level of some inexperienced drivers leads them to believe they are in complete control when behind the wheel, even when doing things that take their eyes off the road or distract them.   Educators, parents, and

10 05, 2021

Truck Accidents, Texting, Distracted Driving, and You

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Truck Drivers Are 23 Times More Likely to Cause an Accident if Texting & Driving We have all heard that distracted driving can play a significant role in fatal accidents. Truck drivers are 23 times more likely to cause an accident by  texting and driving. Distracted Driving Truck Crashes According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial trucking accidents are often the cause of truck drivers that become distracted when behind the wheel.

21 04, 2021

I Was Injured When the Other Driver Failed to Yield

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What happens if I was injured in a car accident because the driver of the other vehicle failed to yield right of way? Motor vehicle accidents in Syracuse and Central New York can result from any number of causes. Often, car accidents and accidents involving other types of motor vehicles happen when another driver doesn't follow the traffic safety laws in effect at the time and place of the accident. When someone driving a motor

6 04, 2021

Car Accident Statute of Limitations in New York

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What Does Statute of Limitations Mean? In a nutshell, a statute of limitations is defined as a period of time which is allowed for a person to bring legal action against another person. Here is an explanation of  Statute of Limitations on Wikipedia. Car Accidents in New York: What is the Statue of Limitations? For most car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents (such as truck accidents), the New York statute of limitations is three