16 12, 2021

Falling Down Stairs: Serious Injuries & Liability | Stairwell Slip & Fall

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Serious Injuries From Falling Down Stairs Falling downstairs can be utterly terrifying and result in significant and life-changing injuries for the victim. Falling downstairs happens in the blink of an eye and often there is no way to prevent or stop the fall. A respected medical journal called, the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported that at least one million people annually become injured in stairway and stairwells falls every year in the United States.

9 09, 2021

Syracuse Delivery Driver Accident Injuries – Who Pays?

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Every day there are thousands of deliveries made to private residences, office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. Especially in the last year, there has become a huge increase in online shipping and you can see this in the delivery drivers you see every day. While some delivery drivers are full-time employees, there are others that work as independent contractors. Either type has one common thing in common. They both are at high risk of injury

1 08, 2020

Is The Grocery Store Liable for My Slip and Fall Injury?

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It is the responsibility of a grocery store to keep its property safe for shoppers. If someone should sustain a slip and fall injury at a store or on the stores property - such as in the parking lot - the store is not automatically responsible. There must be proof of negligence that needs to be determined. A retail store, like any property owner, has a responsibility to keep their property free from hazards that