One of the most traumatic events a person can go through is a automobile accident. You can be left physically and emotionally scarred for life. Even if you are not seriously injured, just the stress resulting from an accident can affect a person for years after.

Victims of catastrophic accidents suffer from costly long-term medical treatments and sadly some die during treatments. The last thing on the mind of these victims or the surviving family is the cost but the harsh reality is they compensation is a necessity. It is also important that the individuals responsible are held accountable. Depending Catastrophic Car Accident Injuryon the type of injuries, damages, and parties involved, some families can be awarded millions.

Life-altering Injuries From Car Accidents

Most automobile accidents will have some damages, but few leave the victims so badly injured that they will never recover. This type of accident usually occurs because of high speeds. The most common injuries include amputation, paralysis, brain damage, severe burns, and loss of hearing.

In some accidents, the injuries can be spinal cord injuries and brain trauma. Our bodies are a complex machine but the spinal cord is particularly delicate so any damage to it can affect breathing problems and loss of motor skills and it can affect cognitive function. Brain trauma occurs when an object penetrates the skull. Car accidents are the second cause of brain trauma injury as a result of studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In some severe cases, the injured party can be left in a vegetative state or have a severe mental illness that makes going back to work impossible.

Personal Injury Damages in Car Crashes

In cases the involve negligence, life-altering injuries are treated differently and allow victims to collect more than otherwise awarded. Outside of compensation for medical expenses, victims are also able to receive compensation for lost wages, and compensation from the party at fault that includes:

  • Rehab
  • Medical equipment
  • Ongoing treatment
  • Loss of companionship
  • Homecare

Talk to a New York Car Accident Injury Attorney

Money is no substitute for the loss of a loved one but it does help in these trying times. The Syracuse personal injury attorneys at McMahon & Kublick, PC have decades of experience in handling vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries. We understand catastrophic car accident injuries that your loved one won’t recover from can be devastating. Hiring a legal representation to cover damages associated with the accident.