Employment after Workers' Compensation - Syracuse, NYIt is against the law in New York for your employer to fire you based solely on the fact that you have filed a workers’ compensation claim. New York is an employment-at-will state, which means at any point in your stay with a company you can be terminated by either the employer or the employee.

In a typical workers’ compensation case, if your employer terminates you or you have been out of work for a length of time, the law permits the employer to terminate your employment, unless they specifically told you that you were being terminated due to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

In New York, there are certain employers like the New York City Transit Authority, that will guarantee your job for a certain amount of time. They often give their employees one year to return to their job.

Question – Does my employer have to keep my job open while I’m out recovering from my workplace injury?

Answer – No, under current law there is no requirement for them to keep your job open for more than a day. Depending on your company, some have a policy that they will keep your job open for a certain length of time. However, the company has no obligation to keep your position open for one day beyond the day that you were injured.

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