Bald Tires Accidents

If you are driving on bald tires and lose control of the vehicle and have an accident that causes injuries, it is possible you could be found at fault and liable for the injuries suffered. You might be thinking if my tire blows and I have an accident, wouldn’t it be an “act of God” and I wouldn’t be held responsible? The truth is it depends on whether you were negligent, in the action that contributed to the collision.

In order to be found guilty of the injuries suffered by others as a result of an accident, you would have to be negligent or careless in some manner.

bald tire accidents - Syracuse, NYWith that being said, some negligence on your part doesn’t necessarily mean you will be found completely at fault. There is always the possibility the other drive contributed to the car accident. To illustrate when a bald tire failure might result in you being judged or at fault for an accident, here are a few examples.

Driving on Bald Tires – You Are at Fault:

If you have one or more tires that have tread depth less than recommended by the tire manufacturer then your tire(s) are classified as bald. If your tires are bald or had obvious sidewall cracks or even bulges that are signs of weak areas on the tire, then you could be found negligent in a collision. Checking the condition of your tires is quick and easy and is your duty to perform. If you are in an accident the police that investigates the crash will look at your tires and see their condition as well as read the code that shows the age of the tires.

It Is Not Your Fault

If you have a tire blowout because of road debris as you ran over a nail that you either couldn’t see or avoid, then you would not be at fault. It is expected that even if a blowout happens, you are expected to retain control of your vehicle and guide it to the shoulder of the road and out of traffic. If you are not speeding and are able to remain in control you shouldn’t be found at fault.

You Are at Fault:

If you have been found to be driving on bald tires, and you combine that with driving too fast for the road conditions you could hydroplane or spin out of control on wet or even icy roads. If this were to happen then you could be found negligent for the accident.

It Is Not Your Fault

If the failure of the tire occurred because of a manufacturing defect or the installation of the tire by a dealer or garage, you most likely will not be found primarily at fault. The injured party may file a liability claim against the manufacture or the company that installed your tires.

Each year hundreds die in crashes because of poor tires. The examples above are only examples. There may be other things that are taken into consideration.

Taking care of your automobile is important. It helps to protect you and the other drivers that you share the road with. You need to inspect your tires and rotate them every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or as directed by your owner’s manual.

If you are in a car accident, it is in your best interest to get representation from an experienced Syracuse car accident attorney. We encourage you to contact us immediately for a free consultation.