worn tires car accident attorney syracuse nyHave you ever thought about how important the tires on your car actually are? When you stop to think about it, they are the only thing on your car that actually touches the road. And if it is raining or snowing, or there is black ice on the road or any number of other hazards, bald or low tread tires are definitely something you don’t want on your car.  Nor do you want tires that are underinflated. Underinflated tires may not seem like a big deal, but not only does proper tire inflation ensure maximum efficiency, but when the chips are down, they also can mean the difference between arriving safely at your destination and not.

Every year there are roughly 12,000 tire-related car accidents. A sizeable number of accidents are the result of badly bald or worn tires, tires with worn-down treads, or underinflated out-of-balance tires.

Worn Tires, Car Wrecks, and Accident Liability

If you have been in a car accident and were injured as a result of the other driver having worn tires on his truck or car, you may very well be entitled to compensation. It is every motor vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure that their car or truck is safe. This means regular inspections and simple awareness by the motor vehicle owner in taking timely action to correct safety issues as they arise.

At the end of the day, it is the car owner’s responsibility to make sure their car is in safe to operate on the streets and highways of Syracuse and Central New York. But usually, this task falls upon the shoulders of auto mechanics and car dealer service departments who actually inspect and service the vehicle. One of the requirements in New York State for a motor vehicle to pass annual inspection is to ensure that the tires are in good condition. Low-tread tires or worn tires will not pass inspection.

Given that your car’s tires can become underinflated, whenever you stop to put air in your tires, take a moment to dig into your pocket and grab a penny. Check your tire tread. It only takes a moment. Insert the penny between the tire ridges with Lincoln’s head facing down. If the tire ridge does not at least meet the top of Lincoln’s head, in all likelihood your tire is worn down to the point where it should be replaced at the earliest possible moment.

Worn tires can result in serious or fatal car accidents in Syracuse and New York, especially in the winter. Bald  tires can compromise your safety in a variety of ways, including compromised road grip on snow or ice-covered roadways, blowouts, impaired ability to stop, even on dry pavement, uneven grip, uneven wheel alignment and tire balancing, and more.

Low-tread tires are an invitation to a serious car accident. It is essential that you maintain routine tire maintenance, including rotating your tires, checking their alignment, and making sure they are properly balanced.  If you suspect anything is wrong with your tires, including thumping noises, unusual vibrations, or your car pulling to one side when you are driving normally, play it safe and get your tires checked right away.

McMahon Kublick PC: Car Accident Attorneys in Syracuse NY

The Syracuse personal injury attorneys of McMahon Kublick, PC know how critical tires are for motor vehicle safety, which is why we are so passionate about tire safety. Unfortunately, car accidents caused by bald tires or underinflated tires can affect even those who are careful and safety-aware when negligence on the part of another is the cause of a serious car accident.

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