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17 11, 2021

Can Driving on Bald Tires Make You the At-Fault Driver

2022-01-10T12:25:51-05:00accident injury lawyers|

Bald Tires Accidents If you are driving on bald tires and lose control of the vehicle and have an accident that causes injuries, it is possible you could be found at fault and liable for the injuries suffered. You might be thinking if my tire blows and I have an accident, wouldn’t it be an “act of God” and I wouldn’t be held responsible? The truth is it depends on whether you were negligent, in

29 10, 2021

The Dangers of Commercial Trucks & Bald Tires

2022-01-09T15:07:23-05:00Syracuse Truck Accident Lawyers|

Truck Accidents With Bald Tires Any vehicle on the road with bald tires is at risk for a blowout and that can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. A good rule of thumb is to see if your tires are considered bald is to look at the tread grooves. If the tread depth is 2/32 of an inch deep or less, you need to replace your tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a

26 10, 2021

Bald Tires: Car Accident Liability

2022-01-18T18:52:47-05:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

Have you ever thought about how important the tires on your car actually are? When you stop to think about it, they are the only thing on your car that actually touches the road. And if it is raining or snowing, or there is black ice on the road, or any number of other hazards, bald tires are definitely something you don't want on your car.  Nor do you want tires that are underinflated. Underinflated

5 10, 2021

Five Insurance Company Tricks to Watch Out For

2021-10-03T14:26:21-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers, Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyers|

Beware These 5 Tricks Insurance Companies Play If you have ever been in a fender bender accident, probably one of the first things you did was call your insurance company. This is fine when dealing with a fender bender but when there are serious injuries you need to realize that you should not trust the insurance companies. So consider these five insurance company tricks and remember them if you are ever in a serious accident

27 09, 2021

Personal Injury Car Accidents: Asleep at the Wheel

2021-10-03T14:12:27-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

CAR ACCIDENTS AND PERSONAL INJURY: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. One of the most dangerous aspects of driving on any road in Syracuse and Central New York, whether it is Erie Boulevard or I-81 is sleep-deprived or overtired drivers. This applies not only to passenger cars, but also tractor trailers and buses.  How many stories have we seen in the news recently about accidents closing down portions of Interstate 81 or even Onondaga Lake Parkway? Being

9 09, 2021

Syracuse Delivery Driver Accident Injuries – Who Pays?

2021-10-03T14:03:06-04:00personal injury, slip fall personal injury|

Every day there are thousands of deliveries made to private residences, office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. Especially in the last year, there has become a huge increase in online shipping and you can see this in the delivery drivers you see every day. While some delivery drivers are full-time employees, there are others that work as independent contractors. Either type has one common thing in common. They both are at high risk of injury

30 08, 2021

Teen Drivers and Their Passengers

2021-08-30T16:18:49-04:00Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers|

Teen drivers in New York are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers. Many young drivers don’t fully realize the consequences that reckless or distracted driving can create. The confidence level of some inexperienced drivers leads them to believe they are in complete control when behind the wheel, even when doing things that take their eyes off the road or distract them.   Educators, parents, and

18 06, 2021

Truck Drivers On Drugs – A Closer Look

2021-06-18T11:40:36-04:00Syracuse Truck Accident Lawyers|

When truck drivers take drugs they impair the driver’s ability to drive safely. This puts everyone at risk of severe and fatal injuries from truck accidents as a result of truck driver negligence and impairment. About 5,000 deaths each year are caused by truck drivers on drugs. The Most Common Drugs Used by Truck Drivers In 2020 is was recorded by the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse that more than 60,500 alcohol and drug violations we

18 05, 2021

How Covid-19 Can Lead to Wrongful Death

2021-06-18T11:27:04-04:00Wrongful Death|

What has become the technical name for the global pandemic we are all facing is Covid-19. If you believe that a loved one acquired Covid-19 and died because of negligence and carelessness of a healthcare worker then you may be able to pursue a wrongful deal claim. As we have all learned as we have gone through this pandemic is those who are the most vulnerable in the population are the elderly, nursing home residents,

14 05, 2021

What Happens at a Free Personal Injury Consultation?

2021-05-13T10:35:27-04:00accident injury lawyers|

You have been in a car accident and you are now looking for attorney representation. Most attorneys or law firms offer free consultations. Injured parties are often nervous or scared to reach out and schedule a consultation. They are unsure what to expect and don’t want to feel pressured like a used car salesman looking for a sale. Some people don’t know if they have a valid calm or worry that they will have to