Movies and TV shows all show attorneys litigating in court. In reality, Hollywood with all embellishes would find themselves with a TV show that isn’t all that exciting. Personal injury cases are quite common but they are usually nothing like Hollywood would have you believe. Here are four common misconceptions:

Syracuse Personal Injury MisconceptionWill the Insurance Companies Always Give You The Compensation You Need

The insurance companies are always looking to pay out as little as possible. Because of this insurance companies often don’t give adequate compensation. Insurance companies have their own attorneys and experts to try and settle claims as fast as they can and for the least amount of money. If you injured, you don’t want to go it alone. You need to have an attorney that will fight for the compensation that you need and are entitled to.

All Lawsuits Go To Court

A lot of people are probably under the impression that all lawsuits are litigated in court. On the contrary, most lawsuits are settled out of court. Doing so will minimize the time it takes for you to receive monetary relief and it lowers the attorney costs.

A benefit of settling out of courts means you won’t have the stress of litigation and the process will be quicker and offers faster payment. You don’t have to accept a settlement offer but there are often advantages to do so.

You’ll Receive More Money If You Go To Court

If you make the decision to not take the settlement offered by the insurance company because you believe you will get more money for damages if you take your case to court, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Before you reject a settlement offer take into account that you could end up with less money or that it may be a long time before you receive any compensation.

Calculate your attorney costs, the possibility of a lower relief payout, and the amount of time litigations can go on before you receive any money. Your attorney will help you determine the best course of action being realistic whether your settlement offer is fair or if you should take your case to court.

All Lawyers Get Paid For Pursuing A Lawsuit

There are some that don’t pursue a lawsuit because they feel that attorneys will charge a lot for their services. This is often not the case. Most attorneys, including McMahon, Kublick attorneys in Syracuse, offer a free initial consultation to review the facts of your case and see whether it is worth pursuing.

It is also common practice for a lot of attorneys to work on what is called a contingency basis. This means they don’t get paid anything until the client wins his or her base. Sometimes, attorneys don’t get paid at all for all their work.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

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