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Can Backup Cameras Prevent Car Crashes?

Do Car Backup Cameras Make a Difference? Today car backup cameras are on many cars that are on the streets everyday. They assist with pulling out of parking spots more safe and easy. It is believed that these devices can prevent car accidents, however research has shown that accidents with passenger cars and commercial trucks that have backup cameras still happen (all too frequently). According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as of May 2018...

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Neurological Issues From a Car Accident

Neurological Issues from Car Accidents Syracuse NY

Head Injuries and Car Accidents in Syracuse Minor accidents can still jerk you around enough to cause neurological issues from a car accident. This often can also be serious enough that you can suffer debilitating effects. There are various types of neurological issues that can be caused from a motor vehicle accident. There is also three ways nerves can get seriously damaged which are: stretching, pressure, and severing of the nerve. Some of the ways in...

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Rental Car Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy

rental car insurance accident lawyers syracuse ny

Rental Car Insurance: What You Need to Know. With summer right around the corner and gas prices at a continuing affordable level, there is a good chance you may find yourself looking to rent a car to go on a weekend getaway (not to mention a business trip). There is also a question you may have and that is whether or not you should buy rental car insurance that is offered from the rental car company. Do...

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Personal Injury Car Accidents: Asleep at the Wheel

CAR ACCIDENTS AND PERSONAL INJURY: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. One of the most dangerous aspects of driving on any road in Syracuse and Central New York, whether it is Erie Boulevard or I-81 is sleep-deprived or overtired drivers. This applies not only to passenger cars, but also tractor trailers and buses.  How many stories have we seen in the news recently about accidents closing down portions of Interstate 81 or Onondaga Lake Parkway? Being sleepy or...

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Failure to Yield Car Accidents

Let us think hypothetically for a moment. If you were driving down the highway at a normal speed with both of your hands on the wheel and you are giving your full attention to the road. Then suddenly, another vehicle maneuvers out in front of you. You didn’t have the opportunity to make any sort of maneuver to evade, and you end up slamming into the back of their vehicle. This would certainly be a stressful...

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Drunk Driving Remains a Major Road Safety Issue

Drunk Driving Syracuse NY Car Accident Attorneys

Drunk Driving and Car Accident Fatalities It is an alarming statistic the number of automobile accidents that happen yearly in the United State. Approximately six million car accidents occur every year, leaving an estimated 2.3 million people injured with over 30,000 road fatalities. Drunk driving is a huge contributor to these statistics. Over the years there has been major improvement in proactive education and enforcement however, alcohol impairment is still a factor in about one out...

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SUV’s Aren’t Any Safer Than Cars

SUV Car Accident Rollover Injury Lawyers Syracuse

SUVs Are Not Any Safer Than Regular Cars If you drive around Syracuse or any other area, you have no doubt noticed the large number of large SUVs, Suburbans, GMCs, Hummers, Escalades,  and any number of other large SUV models that are very popular in our country. With falling gas prices there has been a renewed interest in these large, often 4-wheel-drive vehicles. We have all heard at one point or another that the reason some...

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Distracted Driving Car Accidents: Tips for Safer Driving

Tips for Safer Driving When it comes to distracted driving car accidents, it pays to remember what happened when we took drivers' education classes in school. We where told by instructions to adjust the radio and get the temperature adjusted before driving. For many of us we are guilty of switching stations or changing the temperature while driving. However, go back to the basics and get it all adjusted before putting the car in drive is...

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Chain Reaction Car Accidents: Determining Fault

Chain Reaction Car Accident Attorneys Syracuse NY

Who Is At Fault in a ‘Chain Reaction’ Car Accident? From the perspective of accident victims, there are many issues that may arise when it comes to establishing fault in a car accident cases involving chain reaction accidents. What is a chain reaction accident? A chain reaction car accident happens when three or more vehicles hit one another in a series of rear-end accidents that is caused by the force generated by the first collision. Chain reaction...

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